Universal Fire Shield™ has been world's leader and the nation's largest provider of flame retardant spray, fire retardant applications and fireproofing products. We have been helping people overcome fire safety demands for over 20 years and providing the best available protective treatments for residential and industrial use. We continue to innovate and improve the quality of our products as well as provide more solutions for today's needs.

Finding the right product is important. Our company only creates the highest quality formulas flame retardant in the industry cultivated out of many years of producing, testing, and knowledge of application. That's why when you receive Universal Fire Shield™ chemical products you are given full documentation and a money back guaranty. When it comes to fire hazards, you don't want to be at a loss due to underrated products that don't ACTUALLY amount to the required fire codes. These code standards are put in place to help protect you, your family and property. Not all flame retardants are created equally and you should be cautious of the surplus of sub-par products claiming to perform as well as true flame retardants.